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Spring snow conditions in Galtür – tips

The temperature is up and down at the moment in Galtür so to be on the safe side head up the mountain early to catch the Birkhahnbahn when it opens at 0845.

It’s worth keeping an eye on to check the overnight temperature and see if it has frozen.  If it has then the lower runs are good for an hour before the ‘pushers’ come along and turn the hard pisted surface into moguls.

If it’s mild then go high and ski down the north-facing black on Ballunspitzbahn.  A nice run when it’s empty and smooth.  We were lucky to get 5cm of fresh snow on top of the piste which was lovely … would have been even nicer if we had gone down before those two ski instructors.

The Breitspitzbahn starts at 0915 and we were the first people down the black (also north-facing) quickly followed by 3 other skiers who added their tracks (picture).


It might pay to ski a bit longer in the morning and have a late lunch and take a view thereafter: trip to supermarket followed by sauna or try and find wet snow offpsite which has become granulated.

Timing is everything.